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Located in historic downtown Memphis Tennessee. Carriages are stationed in front of the Famous Peabody Hotel on Union Ave. We are also stationed at the corners of Second and Beale and Third and Beale. We can pick you up from your favorite restaurant or hotel just give us a call. Would you like a memorable special event such as weddings, birthdays and funerals? Give us a call, we can do it.

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The Carriage Company
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The length of each tour may vary based on its starting point.

Beale & Beyond, Riverview Tour, Court Square Calm
Peabody & Music Row, Uptown & Pinch District
South End Arts District
Choose your Tour or just Go with the Flow...

Beale & Beyond:

Watch the excitement of the night life from the comfort of your carriage as you stroll down Beale Street then past the Elvis Presley statue and the Orpheum Theatre. This tour continues through the Mid-America Mall past historical sites and stunning architecture. The return trip to Beale, over a different route, will take you past more historic architecture. (approx. 60 minutes)





Riverview Tour:

Meander through Confederate Park, where civilians watched for 90 minutes in 1862 as Union and Confederate gun boats battled for the City. Established as a park in 1908, it still offers a majestic view of the Mississippi River and the riverboats below. This tour also takes you by the original post office, cotton warehouses and the site of the world’s first self-service grocery store. You will also see some of Memphis' first churches, like St Mary's with the oldest shrine in the country. (approx. 30 mins)



Court Square Calm:

Free of vehicular traffic, travel to the heart of downtown over cobblestones to Court Square, known as the oldest park in Memphis. You’ll travel down Main Street Mall past the city’s first skyscraper, Thomas Edison’s telegraph station and through the park. You may recognize the park from several scenes in the movie, “The Firm.” Enjoy the clip-clop, the calming trickle of Herbe fountain and the mystic charm of the tall trees. (approx. 45 mins)





Peabody & Music Row:

A memorable tour of some the music sites that made Memphis famous. You’ll see the Peabody Hotel, a designated historic monument, famous for its ambience, Southern charm and waddling ducks. (approx. 45 mins.)



Uptown & Pinch District:

On a ride through the North side of Memphis you’ll see the Pyramid, nightclubs, art galleries and restaurants, including Westy’s where they serve a full menu until 3am nightly. The Pinch District is where many of the first Memphis immigrants established businesses, provided labor, and built their homes. One of the first neighborhoods, the Pinch District, was named for the "pinch gut" look of the Irish immigrants who had narrowly escaped the potato famine of Ireland. Uptown and the Pinch is experiencing a Downtown Renaissance led by some of the city’s best builders, architects and developers. (approx. 60 mins)






South End Arts District:

A ride from the Mall towards the South Main Historic Arts District carries you past historic train stations, museums, art galleries, hip restaurants, open markets and trendy shops. You’ll even pass the building used by Martin Luther King’s assassin as you enjoy a leisurely ride through Memphis’s newest hot spot. (approx. 45 mins)







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